WORLD CUP: Russia vs S. Arabia

Today the world Cup Russia 2018 will start with open ceremony and the 1st match kick off in between the home Russian versus Asian side, Saudi Arabia for the Group A match.

The match will play at Luzhniki Stadium Moscow.

Mostly all the soccer fan look upon on the home side Russian able to beat the Saudi Arabia to earn the 3 points for the Group A for the opening match with home ground advantage.

Currently although the Saudi Arabia World rank 67th is higher than Russian 70th. But from the skills, football tactic, the stamina, the soccer development, players involved in the higher league; European side Russian have much more advantage if compare with Arabia side.

However, Saudi Arabia, one of frequent World Cup qualifier from Asian side, shall give the home a bull dog fight to earn at least 1 points. Unless they are confident to defeat another two world Cup outfits such as Uruguay (WR14) and Egypt (WR45).

As conclusion, this is the close edge match for both teams, but still give support for home side. Predict result 2 for Russia 1 for Saudi Arabia.

Russia 1.44 
Draw 4.33
S. Arabia 10.00

Matches Recently:
6/6 vs Turkey D1-1
31/5 vs Austria L1-0

Saudi Arabia:
9/6 vs Germany L1-2
4/6 vs Peru L3-0