WC Russia 2018 GA R2 Result

Saudi Arabia became the 1st Asian side to be eliminated from the World Cup 1st stage after being defeated by the South America Uruguay with 1-0.

Barca striker L. Suarez scored the only goal of the game at 1st half 23min and lead the game till end of the game. 

While on the other hand, the home side Russia thrashed the Egypt with 3-1 to sit at the top place for the Group A and secured the next stage qualifying together with the 2nd place Uruguay. 

The final match in between Saudi Arabia with Egypt on 25/6 won't affected the 1st and 2nd place seed of the group.

Full standing Group A:

1. Russia 2-2-0-0-8-1-6

2. Uruguay 2-2-0-0-2-0-6

3. Egypt 2-0-0-2-1-4-0

4. S. Arabia 2-0-0-2-0-6-0